Five Tips for Buying a 4WD With a Lift Kit for Driving Through Sand

If you want to buy a vehicle for off-roading on sand, look for a 4WD with a lift kit. That ensures you get the clearance and control you need in sandy conditions. While shopping, keep the following tips and ideas in mind: 1. Look for a 4WD with a locked centre differential. In addition to a lift kit, your 4WD should also have a locked center differential. Vehicles with 4WD often have either the rear or centre differential locked.

New Trailer? Which Braking System?

You'll need to consider a number of factors when choosing between different types of trailers. Examples of these factors include your preferences for trailer parts like the number of axles, the type of suspension, and the braking system. Electric and hydraulic surge brakes are perhaps the most common on modern trailers. Understanding how the two systems work is key to making the right choice for your new trailer. Here is a brief explanation.

How to Prolong the Life of the Turbo in Your Diesel Engine

Diesel engines and their parts usually last longer than petrol engines because of their robust design. However, special care needs to be taken to get the maximum useful life that diesel engine parts are capable of. This article discusses some of the measures that you can take to extend the service life of the turbo in your vehicle's diesel engine. Watch When You Start or Stop the Engine Avoid starting your diesel engine and driving off immediately, especially on cold mornings.