When to Use Only Genuine Auto Body Parts for Repair or Replacement

If you've been in a car accident and need to repair or replace some parts on your vehicle's body, you may be tempted to shop a scrap yard or junkyard for the parts they have, so you can save a bit of money versus shopping for name brand parts from your dealer. This is certainly your choice, but there are times when it can be good to invest in name brand parts, even if they're more expensive. Your safety and the reliability of your car may be at stake when it comes to certain parts in particular. Note when this is and why it's good to only use name brand parts for these occasions.

1. Bumpers 

Bumpers aren't decorative; they absorb the impact of a crash and spread it across the vehicle's body, so that the cab of the vehicle suffers less shock during a collision. If a bumper to a vehicle doesn't fit precisely or if it's made of a low-quality metal or plastic, it may not absorb that shock so well. In turn, you may suffer whiplash or other such injuries during even minor collisions, and your car's body may also suffer more wear and tear from being jostled during an impact. Because bumpers so important, it's always good to only use name brand parts for their replacement.

2. Windscreens

Your vehicle's windscreen protects you during a collision in many ways. It keeps any passengers in the car from literally flying out during an accident, and it also supports the roof of the car during a rollover. If you purchase a low quality windscreen made with more thin plastic than actual glass, it may not offer as much protection during an accident; your car's frame could collapse during a rollover or it may shatter on impact, causing injury. Always invest in a quality, name brand windscreen for these reasons.

3. Quarter panels

If the quarter panels of your car, meaning the sections in front of and behind the doors, should get damaged, you don't want to replace them with low quality parts. Those quarter panels also absorb impact and disperse them along the length of the vehicle, and sense vibrations from a front or rear collision that then causes the airbags of the car to deploy. As with bumpers, if they don't fit properly or are made of a poor quality metal, they might not provide as much protection during a collision. Since your safety is at stake, always invest in quality panels for when your vehicle needs repair.